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Steamy romance publisher coming soon.
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Most of us arrive on Medium with the hope and dream of making money writing about what we know.

We read the myriad of articles written by people making $100 a day or $4,000 a month and anywhere in between, thinking to ourselves, “I can do that!”

But then we publish our first article that we’re sure is going to be a winner…

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Expanding your catalog is not done because it’s easy, it’s done to create additional revenue streams from your current living works. That’s why even though audiobooks are not the easiest part of your catalog to create, you should still look into it as a viable option.

Audiobooks are the most time-consuming and require the most effort of all the options you have to expand your catalog. However, they’re a great option to appeal to the person who prefers to listen to books while they’re on their way to work, in the shower, working around the house, etc.

Just like self-publishing…

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Another way to expand your catalog outside of bundling your books is to appeal to the paperback reader.

I grew up before the tech age. The most exciting day of the week for me was Saturday when my mom would take me to the library so that I could check out new books. I would invariably wind up with a stack of books to take home with me. Some of them had a good blurb on the back cover, some of them were the next book in a series that I had been waiting for, some of them were recommendations…

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When I started writing erotica years ago, it was with the mindset that one day I would move to romance. Everyone talked about how romance was the moneymaker. Writing a 5,000-word short was great, but it had a short shelf life, too. Writing a 75,000-word romance novel gave you staying power. Not to mention if you were exclusive to Amazon, your KENP was higher with a book 15x the size of a short.

So I spent months focused on writing longer stories. I wanted to get out of the 5,000-word range and shoot for bigger and better goals. I wanted…

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Backmatter, as defined by Wiktionary:

Backmatter is where you put your ‘call to action’. This is where you ask your readers to leave a review. It’s where you link to your other books. It’s occasionally where you leave an excerpt to another book. Authors who choose to forgo backmatter are giving away free advertising space.

There are very few options out there for you to advertise your books for free. You can try your hand…

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Writing erotica sounds easy… in theory.

After all, if someone else can pump out a 4,000-word short story that contains a couple of sex scenes and a bit of plot, why can’t you?

But that attitude is why you’re going to make 4 sales, 132 page reads, and wonder why you didn’t do better. You wrote an erotic short, you published it, what more do the people want?

Truth be told? A lot.

Where could you have gone wrong?

  1. You haven’t done your research. So you don’t know what the people want.
  2. You don’t have a publishing schedule. So the people don’t know when to check…

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When you start your self-publishing journey — whether it be in romance, science fiction, erotica, or another genre — you will come across Amazon and KDP Select.

Publishing on Amazon is almost required for success. Since they have the largest share of the eBook market and people trust the site with their credit card information, choosing not to publish on Amazon is almost like shooting yourself in the foot.

However, publishing exclusively under their KDP Select program is something else entirely.

What Is KDP Select?

KDP Select is a program that Amazon offers for free to the self-publishing masses who want to stay exclusive…

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If you’re looking to get into the erotica business or even the publishing business, you may be doing research on where you can self-publish your books. There are a lot of options out there, but don’t let that overwhelm you.

The first thing you have to remember is that you should never pay someone to publish your books.

In your research, you are bound to come across what self-publishers refer to as “vanity publishers”. These are individuals and companies who say that they’ll edit, format, design a cover, and/or market your book for thousands of dollars. …

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99.9% of us have never been to space, but there’s plenty of books out there about space travel, adventures, and more. J.K. Rowling probably didn’t go to a wizarding school, but she created a phenomenal series based on one and no one questioned her experience. Romance authors every day publish books about falling in love and being courted by a billionaire, but it’s very unlikely they’ve had any interactions with a billionaire…

Exploring a new platform for author communities

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If you’re an author in any genre and you’ve struggled to add subscribers to your newsletter, then StoryOrigin might be the answer for you. With their simple interface and detailed instructions on how to use each feature they offer, StoryOrigin has taken people from 0 subscribers to 1,000+ subscribers in just a few weeks.

I heard about StoryOrigin while looking up ways to build my newsletter. This included an exhaustive search of Google and asking some fellow authors in Facebook groups what they used. When someone mentioned StoryOrigin, I looked it up and joined immediately.

It was and still is…

Magnolia Springs Press

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