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Steamy romance publisher coming soon.
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Then we put together a plan that hinges on the very knowledge that if we write great articles, publish daily, submit to multiple publications, and get curated — we, too, can make our big dreams come true!

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Backmatter: The parts of a book that appear after the main portion of the body text, including the afterword, index, and bibliography; the end matter.

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Where could you have gone wrong?

  1. You haven’t done your research. So you don’t know what the people want.
  2. You don’t have a publishing schedule. So the people don’t know when to check…

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What Is KDP Select?

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The first thing you have to remember is that you should never pay someone to publish your books.

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Erotica often falls under the category of fiction. Like most fiction, you don’t necessarily need to have experienced the thing you’re writing about to write about it successfully.

Exploring a new platform for author communities

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Magnolia Springs Press

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